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All of us at Cedar Point Financial Services LLC hope you and your family are well and are staying safe.

At the same time, I wanted to reach out to let you know that we are fully operational to handle any of your policy owner service needs as well as the procurement of any new life, long term care, and disability insurance and any annuity products that may be valuable to you and your family.

During this extraordinary time it is important to review your insurance program:

-Has your situation changed?

• Are there any gaps in coverage given market conditions?• Is protecting assets from further erosion a priority?• Do you own any unwanted or unneeded policies that may be valuable on the life settlement market?

-Does your existing program still make sense and fit the bill?

• When does your term insurance expire?• Until when is its conversion feature valid?• Are there any alternatives that may be more economic?

-Can your existing program be improved (taking advantage of recently mandated mortality tables to perhaps reduce premiums for the same amount of coverage or conversely to enhance coverage for the same premium)? 

In addition, the current environment has created extraordinary underwriting opportunities:

Insurance carriers are relaxing standards and underwriting requirements in an unprecedented effort to ease the procurement of valuable coverage.  Our underwriting department continues to be very creative working with carriers in applying for and placing new insurance for clients by taking advantage of accelerated underwriting programs.  

As such, we are able to utilize electronic applications and e-signatures, and depending on situs, clients can obtain at least $1mm and in some cases up to $20mm of life insurance, up to $10,000/mo of disability insurance benefits, and millions of long term care insurance benefits with no new medical exam or labs.  

Our team and I are here for you and your family however we can help.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a time to review your situation and insurance program.

Regards and stay safe and healthy!

Todd N. Robison, CLU, President